PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA is a critical error message displayed when Windows terminates due to a kernel error to prevent further damage to your software and/or hardware. That's why the problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

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"0x00000050" is infamous as an example of blue screens. Resolving this kind of problems without delay gives you a better possibility of comprehensive operating system revival.

"Blue screen PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA on SONY Vaio S PC": Last Posted

Added by Jackie On 12\20\12
Brief description: I have Sony Vaio laptop came with Windows 7 Home Premium. .... My PC has been having blue screen problems after getting the automatic windows updates ..... this thread and follow Andre Da Costa`s suggestions on the same. ..... Q: Windows 7 Crashes With Blue Screen When Running Ie8, Page Fault In Nonpaged Area. More...>>
Added by Brandon On 12\22\13
Brief description: computer name: ERIC-PC .... I Googled the "page fault in nonpaged area" error and it looks like there could be something wrong with my system drive (which is an ... 73 01 00 00 2c 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 s...,. ... Blue screen view can also read minidumps and may point you in the right direction. More...>>
Added by Clarence On 10\1\14
Brief description: 26 Aug 2009 ... hp-bsod. So far, we have found two methods to fix this problem. .... I have a dv6625 and that specific update got my pc suck in a loop. ... aka Blue Screen of Death with the message of Page Fault in no page area message on the blue screen of death. ..... The first fix worked on my 2 week old Sony Vaio FW. More...>>
Added by Clint On 5\19\13
Brief description: Current bandwidth usage: 326.30 kbit/s, May 29 - 11:47pm EDT ... I have a picture of this blue screen if anyone is interested. There's a bit more with address and such. I looked up this error message and a couple sites said that it's .... lol bios dose not always know whats right for your PC bro. in fact most the ... More...>>
Added by Randal On 6\10\12
Brief description: I have an HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC, o/s = Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit. I dreaded ... This update Is causing b.s.o.d's with igdpmd64.sys as the culprit. More...>>
The kernel issue: The Pain And The Escape:
The operating system rescue disc provides a possibility delete some invalid driver, a normal prime mover of an error code, and this way cure this sore even in desperate instances of of Such a trouble. in case you have the possibility to startup the malfunctioning, any particular Microsoft system release, attempt to employ Last Known Good Configuration or System Restore instrument to remit Windows modifications. exclude the possibility of being exposed to Haxdoor Virus! follow this link to read more if it seems like your instance have a custom to sustain the laptop free from rootkit contaminants. try turning down memory shadowing and caching in BIOS did you connect RAM chips correctly? make certain that's not HaxDoor Virus! In the event it will be your example read this to find out more is there someting like win32k.sys driver in the this error text the system got stuck on? that seems to be your case if so . uninstall the updates that were enabled before Such a trouble started to nag.

"Blue screen PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA on SONY Vaio S PC": Pending Response

What Proved To Guarantee Alleviation
Added by Bryant On 9\12\9
Brief description: 10 Jul 2012 ... My computer will randomly crash and restart or crash and get BSOD for absolutely no reason. ... Monitor(s) Displays CHIMEI CMV 221D 22" ... my PC shuts down and I get the Pagefault in Nonpaged Area BSOD. ... Bought a Sony Vaio VGN- SZ330P 2nd hand that already had Windows 7 "upgraded". More...>>
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  • HP Elitebook 6930p
What Should Be Used In The First Instance
Added by Neil On 1\8\13
Brief description: ... a few minidump files and a dxdiag attached. These BSOD basically happen when I am using a lot of USB devices it seems or anything that. More...>>
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  • Asus X66IC-JX011V
  • HP Pavilion DV-2700 Series DV-2732TX
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If 0x00000050 still remains and you don't know what caused the problem, the last resort is the following: